Results Accelerator™   Certification Program (RACP)

Create Profound, Transformational Coaching Experiences

The Results Accelerator™ (formerly The PaperRoom™) is an intensive, insightful, deep-dive coaching experience that gives your client direct access to the patterns of thinking and behavior that drive their professional and personal results.


The Results Accelerator™ harnesses the neuroscience-based Results System™ framework to unlock your clients' hidden drivers of success.

The focus is on four dimensions of your clients' personal system: Core Values, Core Authentic Self, Core Needs and Core Patterns. Through this clear (and non-threatening) exploration, your client gains profound self-awareness and  actionable change. The result is a transformative development experience

Key Uses

Ideal for a starting intake for a three or six month coaching engagement or as a short-term, focused coaching intervention, The Results Accelerator™ also adds value when combined with 360-degree and other assessments for cohort-based leadership programs for executives and emerging leaders.

Applications with Clients

Used in executive coaching, leadership development, team building, career planning and life directions, the Results Accelerator™ may be delivered 1:1    in-person in a 6-hour intensive or in a day-long workshop-like group coaching program. The Results Accelerator™ also gives you global reach by delivering it virtually via four online sessions using your favorite web conferencing platform (Zoom, Skype, Webex, Go to Meeting, etc.). 

Get Certified to Use the Power of the Results Accelerator with Your Clients

Who Should Become Certified?

Coaches, consultants and other practitioners working with executives, professionals, career changers, life directions/wellness and HR, OD/OE and leadership development professionals in organizations.

Benefits of the Results Accelerator™ 
Certification Program (RACP)

  • Provides quick access to deep insights for the client
  • Accelerates client results
  • Enhances your coaching effectiveness

  • Uses the proven Results System™ framework

  • Differentiates your coaching with a unique offering
  • Protects investment in existing leadership programs and coaching tools

  • Rapid return on investment

Client Testimonials


Completing the Results Accelerator™ was an outstanding experience for me personally. It helped set me out on the journey I am on today.

Troy Heflin

SVP Organization Development and HR Strategy, Volvo Group


The Results Accelerator™ was an invaluable investment. I believe the way the process is structured helped me leapfrog months of time that other coaching methods would have required to get to the same result.

Elaine Mason

Organization Effectiveness,

American Express

How does the RACP work?

The Results Accelerator Certification Program (RACP) is a comprehensive training + certification program that provides practical hands-on and virtual learning to enable coaches to create exceptional coaching experiences using The Results Accelerator™.

Virtual Option

  • Training:  Self-study modules and 4 two-hour live online Labs conducted over 8 weeks
  • Practicum:  complete a full Results Accelerator™ with a practice client
  • CERTIFICATION: Submit a recorded session for evaluation and feedback and take the online certification exam

  • cost:  $1895 includes all materials, Training, and the certification process

In-Person Option

  • TRAINING:   two day in-person training with self-study pre-work assignments

  • Practicum:  complete a full Results Accelerator with a practice client
  • CERTIFICATION: Submit a recorded session for evaluation and feedback and take the online certification exam

  • cost:  $2500 includes all materials, training, and the certification process

Upcoming Certification Dates - 2021

August 2021

Virtual Program

    August 4, 2021
    1:00-2:00 PM ET 

    August 18 and 
    September 1, 15, 29 2021 
    1:00 - 3:00 PM ET
  • ENDS:
    September 29, 2021    

  • COST:  $1895* USD

    July 21, 2021 

October 2021

Virtual Program

    October 5, 2021
    1:00-2:00 PM ET

    October 19 and 
    November 2, 16, 30 2021 
    1:00 - 3:00 PM ET
  • ENDS:
    November 30, 2021    

  • COST:  $1895* USD

    September 21, 2021 

Candidates have up to 90 days from the course ending date to complete all coursework and certification requirements. 

* Shipping of training materials to U.S. addresses included. Outside U.S. additional shipping charges.

Results Accelerator™ Certification Program (RACP)

Application Form

Submit this application form and we will follow up to complete your admission and enrollment in the program.

Results Accelerator™ Certification Program (RACP)
1. Have you experienced the Results Accelerator™? *
2. What do you do? (please check all that apply) *
3. Do you hold any of the following certifications? (please check all that apply) *
5. Would you like to have an individual conversation before enrolling in the RACP? *
6. Which certification class do you want to enroll in? *

License Agreement:
Once your application is accepted, we will send you a link for our license agreement that must be signed prior to enrolling in the Results Accelerator™ Certification Program (RACP).

The license agreement confirms the coach's responsibility to purchase a set of Results Accelerator™ materials for each client with whom you use the process. Full details are found in the license agreement. 

Upon the signing of the license agreement and payment of the programs fees, RACP learning and facilitation materials will be shipped to you and you will be enrolled in the course.

Attendance Policy:
We may cancel or re-schedule any program based on enrollment or other factors. We will provide as much notice of this as possible.

For Results Accelerator Certification Program - Virtual Option... We expect candidates to attend all four lab sessions live as they comprise practice sessions for key competencies. However, in the case of an unavoidable absence on a single occasion, we may offer alternative options based on our discretion. These options include 1) transferring to a different, later course to attend the missed session and any remaining sessions, or 2) providing access to a recorded version of the missed session plus a make-up assignment to be completed before the next scheduled session of the course. Should a candidate miss more than one session, we may require that individual to start the program over.

About ThoughtAction

ThoughtAction, a Massachusetts-based executive coaching, leadership development and team coaching firm, uses brain-based coaching science to help clients deliver performance, engagement and results. Founded in 2009, the company works with global organizations to build leadership capacity, expand the impact and effectiveness of professionals at all levels and develop high-performance teams.

ThoughtAction’s unique Results System™ approach empowers clients to rapidly get to the root of their challenges and create sustainable change for individuals and the organization. The Results Accelerator™ coaching experience provides transformational insights for executive leaders and high-potential team members. The Results Roadmap™ for Teams creates rapid alignment for teams and resolves the underlying issues that hijack performance.

ThoughtAction’s team of experienced and certified coaches and consultants create solutions for corporate clients and non-profit organizations.