Executive and Leadership Development

Giving executives and leaders the strategic impact and influence they seek, develop their presence, expand their emotional intelligence, to be innovative and visionary leaders, and create their legacy.

For Career Growth

Increase acceptance of change, build resourcefulness, promote emotional resilience, rally groups and motivate new behaviors and thinking that creates new results, innovation and competitive advantage.

For Life Directions

Access to the life they want to create through clarity on identity, values, vision, long-term goals and core needs. Identify and address patterns that will help or hinder sustainable change.

For Team Performance

Teams at all levels are given the means to create top performance, become fully focused and aligned, accelerate progress, eliminate barriers and deliver results.

What is the Results System™?

Imagine a framework that easily conveys the science behind how we, as human beings, create results. What if you had the tools, techniques and turnkey solutions that allow you to take advantage of this framework quickly and easily? What power and possibilities could you create for yourself and your internal and external clients? The Results System™ provides the framework, tools and solutions that raise the bar and drive results.

Solutions for Rapid Impact

The Results Accelerator™ (formerly The PaperRoom™) is an intensive professional development experience based on The Results System™ that provides an expansive look at oneself from a vantage point rarely seen. Used in professional development work and coaching with executives and others, this powerful experience accelerates coaching work and gives the individual direct access to the patterns of thinking and behavior that drive their results. The Results Accelerator™ can be delivered one-on-one, in a group or remotely over web conferencing (Skype™, Webex™, GoToMeeting™, etc.).

The Results Roadmap™ applies The Results System™ to a single, specific desired result, whether professional or personal. The Results Roadmap quickly creates self-awareness about the visible and hidden factors that influence the achievement of the desired results and creates a specific, tangible action plan to get there. Equipped with this clarity and accompanying action strategy, clients follow the critical path that leads directly to their desired result. The Results Roadmap™ is available in versions for use with individual clients, with groups, and with teams.

The Power to Perform® is a full-day group coaching experience that incorporates principles of high performance based on neuroscience research and creates a personal strategy for achieving a real-life result using The Results Roadmap™. The program develops skills needed to implement the strategy and to perform in a sustainable way. ThePower to Perform® makes building performance capability easy and simple to implement with clients at all levels of the organization.

Getting Results with Ease™ is a half-day group coaching experience using The Results Roadmap™ with a workgroup, team, or select group of high potential individuals. Through self-work and peer coaching, each person creates a tangible Results Roadmap™ about a real-life desired result. Ideal for professional development with groups of high-potential individuals, for support and education groups, for sales teams, or as an open-enrollment development program, The Results Roadmap™ clears the obstacles and creates results.

Quickly align both new or existing teams with Results Roadmap for Teams™. Unleash the creativity and problem-solving skills in a team to drive innovation. Leverage the powerful thinking and actions that create a results orientation and a positive culture change. Create laser focus and ensure team performance to deliver important initiatives and achieve top team results.

Powerful Performance™ is a comprehensive, nine-month leadership development program that builds leadership capability through assessment, group coaching, specialized learning topics, individual and group assignments, and individual application coaching. The program incorporates The Results Accelerator™ and Results System™ action learning. Learning topics are flexible and determined by needs assessment and required competencies.

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