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The Secrets of Dealing with the ‘Great Discontent’


The “Great Resignation” is upon us. However, Gallup attributes it to the “Great Discontent.” Talented employees are looking for a change and are looking around. It’s usually your best workers that are seeking new and different opportunities.

Are you willing to make the effort to retain them? What can you do immediately?

The answer boils down to each employee’s individual drivers of motivation, engagement, satisfaction and fulfillment called “Core Needs.”

The pandemic, economic challenges and the global and social factors mean that many of your employee’s Core Needs have been so unfulfilled that they are burned out and are desperate to seek something different, whether or not it’s a good choice for them (or you).

When employees understand their personal Core Needs, they can become more creative at getting them met without leaving your organization. Without this understanding, they make unsatisfying decisions that drain your pool of talent. Give them the insight that helps them make effective choices for them and you.

In this 25-minute webinar, we’ll discuss how you can use Core Needs to motivate, engage and retain your best talent.

Loss and Turnover

Talent loss and turnover is driven by the “Great Discontent”

Employee churn

You can prevent the costs created by employee “churn”


Recover from Burnout

You can help your employees recover from burnout


The Resignation Trend

Your organization can take action to interrupt the resignation trend


Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Employees can find satisfaction and fulfillment staying part of your organization if they know what to look for

Fresh Engagement

Managers can help employees engage in the new world of work

Who Should ATTEND?

Senior executives and HR professionals who want to retain their best talent, create an engaged organizational culture and give their employees the gift of fulfillment in their work.


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