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At ThoughtAction, we believe that people are the central force for organizations to be their best and leadership is the way organizations bring out the best in their people.

We focus on building better leaders and teams in a way that brings out their most effective, authentic selves as they go about creating the impact in the world that is exciting and fulfilling for them. Armed with this approach, we help people matter as they do what matters in their work.

We think of ourselves as a best-of-breed “boutique” firm and we don’t try to do “everything leadership.” We focus on the self-awareness and self-understanding that clients will carry with them throughout their career that expands their agility, sharpens their influence and makes a difference.

We have evolved a methodology based in the neuroscience research that makes it practical and usable for everyone. We call it The Results System™, a simple, systems approach that gives our clients access to the powerful “software” inside them that inspires greatness and creates results.

Having witnessed the effectiveness of The Results System™ for over 15 years, we believe in it so much that its built into everything we do – our Results Accelerator™, Results Roadmap™, Core Needs Navigator™ and all of our other offerings. We dive deep in our work, yet we make it non-threatening, applicable and not too “touchy-feely.” We also incorporate other “best-of-breed” tools like The Leadership Circle® to give our clients the most useful experiences in our programs.

We’ve been doing this work since 2005. We incorporated as ThoughtAction LLC in 2009. We work with global clients making their premier leadership programs greater and we work with smaller companies and non-profits to help them make the most of their leadership potential. Our team is smart, dedicated and very skilled at helping our clients to know themselves and apply it in the real world.

We hope you will choose to work with us. If you’ve read this and like what you’ve heard, we’ll be a great partner for you. Let’s have a conversation and see what is possible for your people and your organization.

Jonathan E. ‘Jeb’ Bates
Chief Experience Officer/Founder

Jeb is a professional coach and leadership consultant who specializes in supporting high-performance executives to build upon their strengths and grow their leadership capabilities to the next level. Fundamental to Jeb’s approach is the belief that within each client are the answers to maximize their unique potential and overcome their challenges. Jeb brings experience, focus, and clarity to the work.

 With experience in many industries including technology, healthcare, financial services, life sciences, marketing, media, hospitality/tourism, consumer products and higher education sectors, Jeb delivers his organizational expertise, coaching skills, and facilitation capabilities to large and small client organizations and individual professionals.


Jeb’s experience includes roles in management, sales, product management, marketing, training, facilitation/mediation, information technology and organization development and gives him a broad perspective when helping individuals and organizations learn, grow and change. As a business owner of several successful businesses, Jeb understands the real-life leadership and management challenges facing businesses in moving from surviving to thriving.

In coaching and consulting, Jeb uses established, recognized tools to focus and optimize the work with his clients. As a certified consultant and trainer in using Predictive Index™, Jeb helps clients harness drive and motivation to manage individuals and enhance team effectiveness. Jeb is also certified in 360-degree feedback tools from Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and Korn Ferry/Lominger.

As a Certified Results System™ Practitioner, Jeb employs the unique Results Accelerator™ and Results Roadmap™ to accelerate progress on goals, promote understanding and eliminate barriers to success. By looking deeply at each of the areas explored and broadly at the themes and patterns unearthed in the Results Accelerator™, clients find the fastest path to insight and action. Jeb is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Jeb’s professional career includes positions at IBM Corporation, Lotus Development Corporation, Productivity Point International, Concord Corporation, Businessland Inc., Boston University and the University of New Hampshire.

Jeb holds a Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine
University and a B.S. in Hospitality Administration from the University of New Hampshire.

The ThoughtAction Team

Anne K. Bates
Results System™ Specialist

Julie Flanders
Project Coordinator


Pat Arcady
Executive Coach &
Results System™ Practitioner

Deb Bercume
Executive Coach &
Results System™ Practitioner

Sherry Dutra
Executive Coach &
Results System™ Practitioner

Stephanie Marisca
Executive Coach &
Results System™ Practitioner

Ivan Queiroz
Executive Coach &
Results System™ Practitioner