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Results Roadmap™ for Teams

Do you work with teams? One of the newest offerings you can use with your clients is the Results Roadmap for Teams™ which helps you quickly reveal the visible and invisible sides of the Results System™ operating within a team. It's great for enhancing the effectiveness of intact teams, bringing together new teams, and integrating teams during a merger or reorganization. The process exposes the thinking and behavioral assets of the teams as well as the habits which will keep ...
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Success Story – A Comprehensive Leadership Approach

Just before she completed her Results Accelerator™ Certification Program a few months ago, Alicia Davis, President & Core Energy™ Coach of Centerpoint Wellness, approached a client excited about her new portfolio of offerings. To help the client plan succession and expand leadership capability in a high performance culture, Alicia proposed a three-phase executive leadership coaching and teambuilding program. Phase 1 included a Results Roadmap for Teams™ for the leadership team to get them focused on delivering key initiatives. For Phase ...
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The Northern Results Roadmap Institute

A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit stated that many of the world's top executives believe that resilience is critical, yet most have no clear strategy for helping their organizations achieve it. Individuals too are feeling the need to be more resilient as changes and disruptions rob them of clarity, energy and perspective. If a first step in regaining resilience is to realize that our "going with the flow" behaviour is a big part of the problem then the ...
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