Certified Core Needs Specialist™ Program

Use In-Person or Virtually

Core Needs Coaching is a powerful technique focused on helping your clients understand what truly excites, energized, satisfies and fulfills them in their work and in their life.

Imagine you could give your client access to these energizing, internal resources any time they like (or need them)! Right now your clients need all the help they can get.

Used with executive, business, career, and wellness coaching clients for more than 20 years, this proven methodology opens new doors for experienced coaches and gives new coaches a head start.

Our unique, specialized coaching tools and client materials open the eyes of your client to the positive experiences they need to have. Yes, it’s their recipe for joy and satisfaction.

With the world topsy-turvy, your clients need to know how to maintain their motivation, engagement and energy in a changing environment. The Core Needs are the key that unlocks it all.



Armed with knowledge of their Core Needs, your clients…

  • Understand their own motivators and the experiences that “fill up their tanks”
  • Know how to be resilient and resourceful in getting their needs met in their work and life
  • Have clarity on the criteria to use in making important decisions
  • Make more effective career choices and choose next steps that are fulfilling
  • Find ways to make their current job more satisfying and engaging
  • Gain a springboard for exploring new options with confidence
  • Know what questions to ask in seeking a job change or interviewing for a new opportunity
  • Feel empowered to take action on their own behalf instead of being subject to others


Organizations benefit from Core Needs Coaching by…

  • Unlocking ‘what to do’ to increase employee engagement and morale
  • Providing employees with tools that guide their career next steps
  • Incorporating Core Needs into professional development programs
  • Improve manager and employee understanding of one another and address conflicts
  • Giving managers insight on how to coach and motivate their teams
  • Providing flexible, scalable use via the virtual and group versions



As a Core Needs Certified Specialist, you will…

  • Learn a powerful new coaching technique and build mastery
  • Give your clients access to practical, brain-based insights and actions
  • Use a proven tool with the flexibility to deliver in-person and virtually
  • Add a new coaching offering and revenue stream
  • Use professional, attractive delivery materials with your client
  • Scale your reach and impact delivering the Core Needs Navigator program to groups
  • Expand your credentials and marketability


The Certified Core Needs Specialist™ Program includes:

  • The Core Needs Starter Kit with Facilitator Guide, tools and materials for your first 3 clients
  • Core Needs Certification training – a two-hour live Zoom training workshop
  • Online certification exam to demonstrate your mastery
  • Core Needs Navigator Presentation and Facilitator Notes for use with groups
  • Electronic versions of graphics and informational materials for clients for virtual delivery
  • Access to the private ThoughtAction Store to purchase authorized licensed materials
  • Access to the private coach Member’s Area (downloads, updates, tools and resources)
  • Ability to post of your profile in the online Practitioner Directory so prospective clients can find you
  • Use of the Certified Core Needs Specialist™ logo in your marketing materials and website
  • Electronic signature of your evergreen ThoughtAction license agreement entitling you to use these proprietary tools and materials

Once certified, you just purchase a set of materials for use with each client ($30 USD each plus shipping)



The Core Needs Starter Kit contains everything you need to deliver the Core Needs Coaching Experience to your first three clients:

  • Core Needs Coaching Facilitator Guide
  • Laminated graphics for use in delivery with clients
  • Life Quarters client leave-behind handouts (3)
  • Navigating Core Needs client leave-behind handouts (3)
  • Insights and Actions panels (3) to enhance the client experience
  • Spare Core Needs panels (3) in case of errors or damage
  • A sample Core Needs Picture Book to show to prospective clients
  • Blank Core Needs Picture Books (3) to give as souvenirs to your clients
  • Three Results System Top Ten/Core Needs Flats – materials for your first three clients

All materials are available in English only at this time.


You’ll walk through the tools and techniques for delivering the Core needs Coaching Experience with individuals during a live, interactive two-hour virtual workshop delivered over Zoom.

Working with an expert facilitator, you’ll gain skills and confidence in delivering a transformational experience to your clients.


To demonstrate your mastery of the Core Needs concepts, techniques and skills, you complete an online exam (Multiple choice and True/False) when you are ready. This finalizes your attainment of the credential. No additional credentialing or renewal is required.



The Certified Core Needs Specialist™ Program is normally priced at $995 – you get so much value (and earning potential) at that price.

However, between now and 5/5/20 – you can enroll for ONLY $795.

And, if you do, you’ll get…


BONUS #1 – Expand your reach by learning to offer the Core Needs Coaching Experience VIRTUALLY and IN-PERSON WITH A GROUP with your client (s) in an additional live two-hour webinar training “Delivering the Core Needs Navigator (Virtual and Group Edition) – you’d pay $99 for this upgrade – it’s FREE!

BONUS #2 - A free two-hour advanced Core Needs Master Class “Conducting a Metaphorical Translation,” an advanced technique that super-charges the coaching experience use by the best-of-the-best. It’s delivered live over Zoom – its usually a $99 up-charge but for you it’s FREE.

BONUS #3 - A 20% Discount Coupon for Your First Purchase of Client Materials (they are only $30 per client – even less if you buy three-packs or ten-packs). The discount makes these reasonably-priced materials even more reasonable.

BY 5/1/20…  <<

Anyone who enrolls by 5/1/20 gets a super-bonus…



with a ThoughtAction certified coach to understand YOUR OWN CORE NEEDS (and experience the process yourself).

You get to apply this technique to your own life and work AND see it done by an experienced coach. This CORE NEEDS COACHING VIRTUAL SESSION is a $500 value – BUT IT'S FREE IF YOU ENROLL BY 5/1/20!

In this Core Needs Coaching FREE BONUS, you will…

  • Complete the advance assignment to get the most from the experience
  • Have a 60 minute live virtual coaching session with an expert Certified Core Needs Specialist™ coach
  • Walk away with a clear list of your OWN Core Needs and action strategy
  • Receive your own personal Core Needs Picture Book to keep the information useful and top-of-mind


Get the Certified Core Needs Specialist™ Program, the Free Bonuses ($250+ value) AND the Super Bonus Core Needs Coaching Experience (a $500 value) for yourself ordering today for only $495!


Lisa Zangari

Vice President, Leadership Louisville, Louisville KY

The Core Needs content was simple to grasp yet incredibly powerful when put into practice. Our room full of leaders walked away with a practical set of new skills to take back to their respective organizations – and hungry for more!

I found the combination of the experience and the coaching to be transformational.  As a practitioner of organization development and a coach for many years, I have been through many similar training and personal awareness exercises; however, this experience is special.  It provides a view across critical areas in a unique and creative way that creates self-knowledge, insights and energy for the future unlike any other process I've been a part. 

Jack Schlafer

Executive Coach

B.W. Recruitment Advisor

Non-Profit Organization

This program has helped me in a lot of ways and has allowed me to find solutions to my problems. My relationship with my manager has improved drastically, and I have a clearer sense of direction.

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this program to make sure the goals in mind are aligned with what we are actually doing in our jobs and career path.”

Business Analyst

Non-Profit Organization

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