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How Do You Ready Your Best Senior Leaders For Top Leadership Roles?

By Jonathan Bates



Thomas Morgan, Senior VP of Human Resources for the captive financing division of a global vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturer.


Designing a new premier leadership development program for Senior Vice Presidents, Country Managers, Managing Directors and Functional Leaders to prepare them to assume top roles to lead the global organization.


Radical changes to the financial system (including blockchain and new financing models) and technological advances (including driverless vehicles) caused massive disruption to their business model in markets across the world.


With 20 years’ experience at the company and having risen from Manager of Organizational Effectiveness to the Senior VP of Human Resources, Thom could foresee that their senior leadership tier would be challenged by the requirements of the new market conditions.

The company had made limited investments in leadership development in recent years for the two levels below the C-Suite. The succession candidates for those roles, although capable and promising, had not been developed thus far to lead at the needed level of executive capability.

With his organization development background, Thom knew that their leaders needed not only to build key new competencies and strategic thinking but also to develop themselves personally and professionally to be well-rounded, resilient, adaptable leaders driving innovation.

Thom wanted to bring innovation to the new program to move beyond the staid programs at his company’s 100-year-old parent. He wanted the focus to be leading edge topics and strategies and provide coaching for all leaders to ensure their success.

To accomplish this, Thom decided to bring together three vendor partners whose signature programs he found inspirational, effective and relevant to collaborate in forging a new program with the best of all worlds.

He invited Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), the Conscious Leadership Institute and ThoughtAction to build a new program combining core elements of each organization’s key offerings.

From this collaboration emerged a global leadership program featuring week-long residential programs in South America, Europe and Asia. The program design featured modules from across CCL’s Leading the Enterprise curriculum, expert global speakers on leading-edge topics from Center for Conscious Leadership’s GLP Program and individual development plans, 360° feedback, Results Accelerator™ and executive coaching from ThoughtAction to tie it all together. The result – a seamless integration of these premier offerings into a coherent, best-of-breed development experience for the executives.


Having been well prepared for volatile, changing conditions, the cohort of leaders who graduated from the program led the organization through the challenges of 2020 with great success and record revenues. Since that time, over 50% have been promoted to new leadership roles.