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You are probably wasting time and spending too much in how you are using coaching in your organization. You likely don’t have the resources to offer coaching to as many talented individuals in your organization who could benefit productively from working with a professional coach.

Enter Executive Sprints – a coaching approach that optimizes gets a fast start, uses an agile structure to optimize effectiveness (and cost) and applies the learning right away to create results.

Join this 25-minute webinar to learn more about how Executive Sprints can make a difference to the “top line” and “bottom line” in your organization.


You may be spending more than you need to on executive coaching

Agile Approach

Taking an agile approach to coaching makes sense for the future


Powerful Implementation

Short-term executive coaching can be painlessly and powerfully implemented alongside all your other development programs

Creative Thinking

Conventional thinking about coaching may not be serving your organization

Resilience, Authenticity, and Innovation

Using short-term executive coaching effectively develops resilience, authenticity and innovation

Supercharged Development

Leadership development programs are supercharged with this type of coaching

Who Should ATTEND?

Senior HR leaders and talent development professionals responsible for creating development strategies for their organization and implementing coaching programs for executives, leaders, and individual contributors


This FREE webinar is just under 30 minutes

Next Session:   17 February 2022 at 1:00 pm ET

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