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Giuseppe and the Patterns

No, not a boy band. A Results System™ coach with an eye on trying new options.

Giuseppe Nespoli, who recently upgraded to Results Accelerator™ certification after some time as a Core Needs Certified coach, experimented with creating a group coaching experience centered around a single part of the Results System panels – the Patterns Panels.

Working as a consultant at a boutique firm specialized in providing value management to public and private sector clients, Giuseppe had been seeking ways to incorporate some Results System tools into their work with clients.

Convinced of the value of the Results System tools from his own personal experience with them, he decided to get his colleagues on board with him be giving them a personal experience of a piece of the Results System™.

Giuseppe distribute a set of Patterns panels to his colleagues, each working from home. During a virtual Zoom session, Giuseppe had his colleagues completed the panels and then conducted a deep dive discussion with them.

Here are some insights from an interview with Giuseppe…

What was your objective in putting together this session for your colleagues?
I wanted to create awareness of the Results Accelerator to my team as a tool to use with clients.

What were the participants experiencing such that you wanted to do this coaching intervention for them?
Our team spends time monthly towards personal and professional development. We utilize different techniques and I wanted to expose my team to the Results Accelerator since I’ve benefited from it.

What caused you to try using the Patterns panels as a standalone with the group?
We only had an hour allotted for our team meeting and with busy schedules and other client demands. I wanted to allow for rich discussions but not dive into more emotional intense panels like the Origins where I couldn’t guarantee there would be enough time to unpack it if it dug up some raw emotions. I thought the patterns panel allowed for a deep dive as individuals and how we show up in our team in a concise way.

What are some of the key insights you observed people having?
My supervisor realized how she showed up to her team. There were some great insights with unpacking every column as a team. We learned what each team member values in a good boss/client and how we can demonstrate those values on our team. We all discovered our time line for change which sparked follow up conversations with our supervisor to ensure we’re being fulfilled and being challenged in our roles and given new opportunities when needed.

What surprised you as you reflect on the coaching experience you created for them?
I didn’t know what to expect doing the Patterns panel discussion in a group. I was surprised how deep we could still get with personal reflection while also showing how those individual insights integrate into our team. It was fascinating to facilitate my own team, so creating the space to grow while also contributing so I can grow with my team too.

Using individual Results System panels with clients can create wonderful coaching experiences. You can purchase the panels separately in poster size or in 8-1/2×11 Flats containing either, Goals Only, Origins Only, Top Ten/Core Needs Only and Patterns Only.

Plus, we have Explorations specific to each panel with reflection questions you can use for discussion exercises or as homework/follow-up assignments. You’ll find them in the Member’s Area in Files and Resources in the Results Accelerator section under Tools.