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Helping Clients Get Their Needs Met

Over the years, I have come to see the work I do with my clients in the area of Core Needs as essential for every client. Even if I don’t do the full Results Accelerator experience (which actually is rare), I always do their Core Needs. I have done many clients virtually with a stand-alone Core Needs coaching experience that typically leads to more coaching going forward.

Have you thought about doing Top Ten/Core Needs as a regular part of your coaching engagements?

To get some perspective, we spoke with Sherry Dutra, Principal at Dutra Associates, a long-time Results System™ Certified Practitioner. She shared with us how she is using the Top Ten/Core Needs as a coaching experience…

What do you see as the value to your clients of understanding their Core Needs?

When clients understand their core needs, they have tapped into what energizes and fulfills them. This insight provides clients with a compass that helps to guide their career decisions and gives them more confidence in the direction they choose.

How have you used Top Ten/Core Needs with as a stand-alone experience (separate from the full Results Accelerator)?

I have used the Top Ten/Core Needs as the opening session with clients who are exploring the possibility of changing careers but aren’t sure what they actually want to do next. Starting with the core needs allows them to use this information, along with other areas of exploration, to weigh different possibilities as their next step.

What has been your experience delivering the Top Ten/Core Needs virtually with clients?

It has always been a very easy time doing the Top Ten/Core Needs virtually with clients. Between a regular webcam and a document camera it has been very smooth sailing.

What advice would you give coaches who haven’t yet tried using the Top Ten/Core Needs as a separate coaching experience?

Absolutely give consideration to using this with your clients. I have found it extremely helpful for my clients to gain the clarity that comes from experiencing the Top Ten/Core Needs.  Additionally, the creation of New Activities helps clients to have strategies that build resilience to weather difficult times.

Give your clients the gift of energy, excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment in their life and work using the Top Ten/Core Needs with each of them!

Learn more about delivering Top Ten/Core Needs virtually and with groups in our class Delivering the Core Needs Navigator – Virtual and Group.