In a previous edition of Awesome Results, you heard about how JJ Gonzalez-Roman has been using the Top Ten/Core Needs and Results Roadmap™ in group sessions for Career Development  help for colleagues at the global pharma company for whom he works. It has been an unqualified success! To meet the demand, another colleague has become certified to deliver these as well.

When the company adopted a new virtual initiative during the last year to help employees move to a Growth Mindset, JJ recognized that with a little adaptation, these same four-hour Core Needs Navigator™ and Roadmap to Results™ (Results Roadmap™) virtual programs could be used as a mindset intervention for colleagues.

During the Fall 2020, he ran eight 20-person virtual workshops (four Core Needs Navigator™ and four Roadmap to Results™) and got rave reviews. To a person, every participant found the programs useful and they clearly saw the connections to their mindset.

To support these participants, ThoughtAction created two new special focus Explorations journaling assignments focused on Mindset.  As a follow-up to the programs, participants could use these assignments on their own to continue to deepen their insight and learning. You can use these Explorations to dive deeper with your individual clients or with group sessions. BTW, they are great for powerful questioning as well!

You can download these new Explorations here > Explorations – About Your Mindset and Core Needs and Explorations – About Your Mindset and Results System™ (Results Roadmap).

Remember, you are free to download the PowerPoint files for these two group programs (and the Mindset Explorations) from the Files and Resources section of the Member’s Area and use them to create impact on the mindset of your clients.

If you need to upgrade your certification to include Top Ten/Core Needs or Results Roadmap™, just contact Kim Sturgis ( for details.