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My Business (Virtually) Imploded

In March of this year, I heard what sounded like a massive explosion. Maybe you heard it too. It was the sound of my coaching and leadership development business collapsing with the advent of COVID-19. A huge dust plume rose over Provincetown.

I watched as all my business through the end of the year evaporated before my eyes. I knew I would have a little gap over the Spring where my business was lighter because I had a couple of projects ending. However, I didn’t anticipate that the larger projects I had been nurturing for the Fall would postpone into 2021 or be cancelled completely. You know how clients sometimes aren’t quite ready to sign the agreement….?

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Or, maybe your clients have remained steady for you – I hope so.

In any case, this has turned out to be a good thing for me. In having to “pivot,” I’m placing different emphasis on my business and actually learning how to do inbound marketing. I now have a blog and post to social media – go figure! I’ve had to focus on different clientele and solutions.

For example, for many companies, leadership programs are on hold as they evaluate the investment, deal with furloughs and return-to-site issues for their workforces. So, I’ve shifted to proposing more team development work since teams are a mess with the disruption, reorganizations and going virtual.

I’ve been recommending to prospective clients to do a Results Roadmap for Teams which can now be done virtually (thanks to The Disruptive Element in Minneapolis for helping to pioneer this!).

I have also been talking with companies about taking their self-awareness-based leadership programs, formerly delivered in person, virtually. For many years, I’ve succeeded in getting clients to add The Results Accelerator to the front-end of any leadership program to bring a deep level of self-understanding to whatever their program may be.

I have found that the Results Accelerator™ “plays nicely with others.” So, no matter what programs and strategies the client has used in the past, the Results Accelerator (or Core Needs) can be appended to any other program and adds value. And, you can do it 100% virtually. I have done “hybrids” where half the group had individual, in-person RA’s and the other half had them virtually (due to time, travel, and distance). The depth of experience and the powerful connection were the same for both methods.

Finally, I’ve been doing a free leadership webinar called “What Your People Need From You as a Leader Right Now” that is connecting me with new potential clients. I’ve gotten a couple of 12-week gigs doing “Self-Care Group Sessions” with HR and leadership teams that I have based on the concepts in The Results System.

Each week is a new group coaching topic including Results vs. Goals, Expectations and Assumptions, and getting your Core Needs met. The clients have been very happy.

If you’d like a FREE copy of the discussion outline for the 12 sessions called “Self-Care Series: Navigating the Challenges”, you can download it here.

So, what is going on with your business in these crazy times? I’d love to hear more about what you are doing!