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Creating Self-Aware Executives
Without the ‘Woo Woo’


How do leaders become more resilient, innovative, and able to deal with the challenges of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world? It’s through useful self-awareness and an understanding of how their brains work to create results. Self-awareness is the super-power of leadership development.

However, self-awareness gets a bad rap. So many leaders think self-awareness is wasted time, too “touchy-feely” and not supportive of creating outcomes. Essential self-knowledge to which they are resistant.

What if you had a way to incorporate profound but practical self-understanding upon which they can take action? What if they found it engaging, enlightening and essential but without the “woo woo?” What if the self-awareness was deep, insightful but practical at the same time?

In this 25-minute webinar, we’ll demonstrate how you can build meaningful, pragmatic self-awareness that drives results into your leadership programs


A "Must Have"

Insightful self-understanding for executives is a “must-have” to meet the challenges of the future

Resilience, Innovation, Presence and Authenticity

Self-awareness is the foundation of resilience, innovation, presence and authenticity for executives

Embraced by Executives

Leadership programs can incorporate profound, action-oriented self-awareness without alienating your leaders

Drivers of Change

Self-aware leaders become the drivers of change in their organizations


Awareness into Action

Moving beyond awareness into action is so seldom achieved in development and coaching programs

Plays Well With Others

Deep, useful self-awareness can be easily added to your existing programs preserving your investment

Who Should ATTEND?

Talent development professionals and learning architects who are seeking to build innovative leadership development programs and bring new life to their existing leadership programs

Creating Self-Aware Executives
without the ‘woo woo’

This FREE webinar is just under 30 minutes

Next Session:  11 February 2022 at 1:00 pm ET

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