Results Roadmap™ Certification Program

Results Roadmap™ Certified Specialist Program

Give Your Clients the Gift of Results.

Use the unique Results Roadmap™ to create coaching experiences for your client. Powerful and easy to use.
It’s brain-based and results-oriented

Clients having trouble getting into action?

The Results Roadmapgives them a tangible action plan and a method for removing the obstacles.

Clients not know where to begin?
Help them see where to focus and the critical path to get to what they want.

Clients need to make a big change?
Give clients the awareness of what to do and how to overcome their resistance.

Client teams need alignment and trust?
Go directly to the underlying issues that keep teams stuck and unproductive.

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The Results Roadmap™ 

    • Works for individual clients plus groups and teams

    • Can be delivered in-person or 100% virtually

    • Plays well with other programs and strategies you use

    • Is exclusively available to licensed coaches

    • Creates customer transformation every time

Want a deeper dive into the neuroscience behind the Results Roadmap™?

Attend our free webinar for coaches: Roadmap to Results: Neuroscience Made Tangible

Becoming Certified

The Results Roadmap™ Certified Specialist credential shows that you are fully capable of using the Results Roadmap™ to create results for individual and organizational clients.

The Results Roadmap Certification Program includes:

    • Results Roadmap™ Starter Kit containing facilitator guide, tools, and materials for your first three clients

    • Live webinar training with an expert instructor

    • A brief online Certification Exam to demonstrate your proficiency

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Certification Training

The training is optional and included in the program. There are two two-hour live programs delivered online via Zoom with an expert facilitator.

  • Results Roadmap Certification Training – Part One – For Individuals

  • Results Roadmap Certification Training – Part Two – For Groups or Teams

The Certification Exam

To receive your certification, you complete a brief multiple choice, online exam to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and techniques.

After You Are Certified…

There is no re-certification requirement once you become certified. Once certified, you just purchase materials (hardcopy or digital) from ThoughtAction for every client which whom you use the process. Results Roadmaps for individual are just $30 USD and the wall-size Results Roadmaps for teams start at $59 USD.

Program Fees

Given what you can do with the Results Roadmap with your individual and organizational clients, the Results Roadmap Certification Program is a super-reasonable $995 USD.

Ready to enroll?

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