Results RoadmapCertification Program

Fast Track Your Client's Results

The Results Roadmap™ unlocks the performance and productivity of the leaders and key contributors in any organization. Enable a team to quickly come together and create results for a project, strategic initiative or culture change.

The Results Roadmap​™ uncovers the critical path to success and provides laser focus incorporating
both the visible and invisible elements that drive top performance.

Based on the Results System​™ framework, the process is efficient, engaging and effective
at achieving successful outcomes every time.

Who Should Attend?

Coaches, consultants and other practitioners working with executives, professionals, career changers, life directions/wellness, and HR, OD/OE and leadership development professionals.

Benefits of Results Roadmap™ Certification

  • Create a clear, tangible, action-oriented plan that achieves results
  • Activate the critical path to success for teams and individuals
  • Focus on the right actions and eliminate the distractions
  • Harness the key motivators and eliminate the obstacles to performance
  • Uncover the hidden derailers that keep teams and individuals from rapid results
  • Customize the approach to optimize effectiveness

How does the RR Certification work?

The Results Results Certification is a comprehensive training + certification program completed in four parts to enable coaches to create exceptional coaching experiences using The Results Accelerator™.

  • TRAINING: 2 Two-hour Webinars (optional)
  • APPLICATION: Two Web conferences "Practicum Debrief & Best Practices" (2 hours) and "Incorporating The Results Accelerator" into your Practice/Marketing The Results Accelerator" (2 hours)

  • CERTIFICATION: Program evaluation and certification.

  • COST: $995 covers the entire training and certification process.

Results Results™ Certification

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About ThoughtAction

ThoughtAction, a Massachusetts-based executive coaching, leadership development and team coaching firm, uses brain-based coaching science to help clients deliver performance, engagement and results. Founded in 2009, the company works with global organizations to build leadership capacity, expand the impact and effectiveness of professionals at all levels and develop high-performance teams.

ThoughtAction’s unique Results System™ approach empowers clients to rapidly get to the root of their challenges and create sustainable change for individuals and the organization. The Results Accelerator™ coaching experience provides transformational insights for executive leaders and high-potential team members. The Results Roadmap™ for Teams creates rapid alignment for teams and resolves the underlying issues that hijack performance.

ThoughtAction’s team of experienced and certified coaches and consultants create solutions for corporate clients and non-profit organizations.