Results Roadmap™ Certified Specialist Program

Give Your clients the gift of results.

Use the unique Results Roadmap™ to create coaching experiences for your client.
Powerful and easy to use.

It’s brain-based and results-oriented

Clients having trouble getting into action?

The Results Roadmap™ gives them a tangible action plan and a method
for removing the obstacles.

Clients not know where to begin?

Help them see where to focus and the critical path to get to what they want.

Clients need to make a big change?

Give clients the awareness of what to do and how to overcome their resistance.

Client teams need alignment and trust?

Go directly to the underlying issues that keep teams stuck and unproductive.

Tangible Action Plan

The Results Roadmap™ gives your clients a tangible action plan and a method for removing the obstacles.

Remove the Obstacles to Change

Clients gain clarity on what helps them achieve results the stubborn obstacles that prevent their success. Armed with this understanding, clients can repeat the pattern that work and overcome those that don’t.

Applications with Clients

Used in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, Culture Change, Agile Transformation, Career Planning and for personal Life Directions


The Results Roadmap™ can be used with individuals, groups and teams in-person or virtually

The Results Roadmap™ ...

  • Is fun, colorful and engaging
  • Works for individual clients plus groups and teams
  • Can be delivered in-person or 100% virtually
  • Plays well with other programs and strategies you use
  • Is exclusively available to licensed coaches
  • Creates customer transformation every time

Want a deeper dive into the neuroscience behind the Results Roadmap™?

Want to learn more about how the Results Roadmap™ works before you decide about becoming certified?

Attend our free webinar for coaches: Roadmap to Results: Neuroscience Made Tangible. It’s a fast–moving 50 minutes of useful strategies and coaching tips you can use immediately with your clients.

Who Should Become Certified?

Coaches, consultants and other practitioners working with executives, professionals, career changers, life directions/wellness and HR, OD/OE and leadership development professionals in organizations.

The Results Roadmap™ Certification Program Includes:

  • Results Roadmap™ DIGITAL Starter Kit containing facilitator guide pdf, electronic coach tools, and digital materials for your first two clients
  • Live webinar training with an expert instructor
  • A brief online Certification Exam to demonstrate your proficiency

Certification training:

The training is optional and included in the program. There are two two-hour live programs delivered online via Zoom with an expert facilitator.

Results Roadmap Certification Training – Part One – For Individuals (2 hours)

         Program Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Your Certification Kit
  • Defining the Desired Result
  • Gathering the visible Goals, Options, Actions
  • Capturing the thoughts: Perceptions, Beliefs, Expectations and Assumptions
  • Capturing the behaviors: Habits
  • Capturing the Supports and Obstacles
  • Assembling the Roadmap
  • Reframing
  • Designing the Actions
  • Ordering Materials
  • Support Resources

Results Roadmap Certification Training – Part Two – For Groups or Teams (2 hours)*

         Program Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Results Roadmap™ Process
  • Group and Team Delivery Outlines
  • Defining the Desired Result
  • Gathering the visible Goals, Options, Actions
  • Capturing the thoughts: Perceptions, Beliefs, Expectations and Assumptions
  • Capturing the behaviors: Habits
  • Capturing the Supports and Obstacles
  • Assembling the Roadmap
  • Reframing
  • Designing the Actions
  • Follow-up to the Results Roadmap™ Session

                    *Pre-requisite:  Results Roadmap Certification Training – Part One

 Finish Your Certification: The Certification exam

To receive your certification, you complete a brief multiple choice, online exam to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and techniques. 

After You are Certified

There is no re-certification requirement once you become certified.

Once certified, you just purchase materials (hardcopy or digital) from ThoughtAction for every client which whom you use the process. Results Roadmaps for individuals are just $40 USD and the wall-size Results Roadmaps for teams start at $59 USD. Shipping fees are additional for hardcopy materials.

Program Fees

Given what you can do with the Results Roadmap™ with your individual and organizational clients, the Results Roadmap™ Certification Program is a super-reasonable $695 USD.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE:  If you would like a hardcopy of the Facilitator guide, coach tools, and materials for two in-person clients, you may upgrade your certification to $745 (U.S.A. only) or $845 (Outside the U.S.A.).  The upgrade includes shipping fees.

Imagine the impact you can create with this powerful, flexible tool!

Results Roadmap™ I: For Individuals*

Upcoming Classes:

Thursday – 9/19/24 via Zoom
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

*This class is a Pre-requisite for Results Roadmap II

Results Roadmap™ II: For Groups and Teams*

Upcoming Classes:

Thursday – 10/10/2024 via Zoom
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

*Results Roadmap™ I: For Individuals is a Pre-requisite for this class

Results Roadmap™ Certified Specialist

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Comprehensive, signature executive coaching experience to expand your influence, presence, effectiveness, and impact


Powerful insight with practical action planning to unleash the potential of the Core Authentic Leader inside you


Fast, focused, result-oriented coaching to elevate key essential skills to be an extraordinary People-Centered Leader


Coaching intensive that harnesses your personal Results System™ to create profound, actionable insights and accelerate progress toward your goals


Achieve better, greater, faster (and easier) results in your work using the power of brain science


Gain the tools and knowledge that will allow you to feel fulfilled, productive, effective and satisfied in your career now and in the future


At ThoughtAction, we believe that people are the central force for organizations to be their best and leadership is the way organizations bring out the best in their people.


We offer options for organizations to bring our programs in-house and for practitioners to use with their clients.