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“New Opportunities and Products for 2018!” with Jeb Bates

We had our fourteenth Results System™ Community of Practice Learning Call on January 16, 2018. The call discusses “New Opportunities and Products for 2018!” with Jeb Bates.

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RSCOP_January 16, 2018 Jeb Bates

We have great new opportunities in store for you in 2018 to deliver powerful coaching experiences for your clients and to expand your revenue possibilities. Learn what you can add to your portfolio of offerings to enhance what you do and give yourself more options. Find out how to broaden your use of the Results System™ family of offerings and tools in your present work. Plus, learn about upcoming enhancements to the Results Accelerator™ tubes and flats based on your feedback, take a new look at the Results Roadmap™ and get a look at the new Core Needs Navigator™ for career development and employee engagement work. Join us for this informative call to bring yourself up to speed for everything new for 2018.

Results System™ Community of Practice Learning Call #14


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Meet Jeb Bates
Jeb Bates, PCC, is an executive coach and leadership development consultant based in Provincetown, MA. He is the Chief Experience Officer of ThoughtAction, a firm focused on bringing the unique, transformative Results System™ coaching experience to clients and coaches.With over 10 years experience as a coach and a Master’s in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University, Jeb focuses on helping others to learn, grow, and expand their horizons professionally and personally. Driven by a dedication to his clients’ success, Jeb feels there is no greater joy than seeing clients make the impact they dream of.