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“Top Ten Metaphors” with Sydney Rice

We had our fifteenth Results System™ Community of Practice Learning Call on February 14, 2018. The call discusses “Top Ten Metaphors” with Sydney Rice.

To Stream: Click on the link below to stream the audio:

RSCOP_February 14 2018 Sydney Rice

Sydney Rice, creator of The PaperRoom System™ (now The Results System™), originated the clever and remarkable Top Ten approach to finding an individual’s core needs. With that, she established the connection between work and personal sides of life with the metaphorical translation of the Top Ten. In this learning call, hear more from Sydney about this powerful and impactful component of the Results Accelerator™ through an interview with Jeb Bates.

Meet Sydney Rice
In 1989 Sydney Rice began the Boston Coaching Company to work with entrepreneurs to develop their emerging businesses. In 1996 she created The PaperRoom System™ so that she could work more collaboratively with her clients
to refresh and expand their understanding of their current situation in order to make better choices for their future. By looking at the client’s “PaperRoom” as a whole, a clear picture of their internal thinking and reasoning emerged as well as a connection to their authenticity and the things that brought them fulfillment and a sense of wellbeing. This led to dramatic shifts in the choices they made and the results they were able to achieve. In the morning of her Fourth Quarter, Sydney has rekindled her love of creating art and design and is currently working on her Post-Baccalaureate degree in Craft at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. She continues to work with past coaching clients, coaches licensed in her work, and those who are grappling with this time when they are no longer young and not yet old, who have been referred to her.