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The Journey to the World of 100% Virtual

With the on-going pandemic, it’s not likely that coaching and developmental programs are going back to “in-person” anytime soon.

The great news is that Results Accelerator for individuals and groups, Results Roadmap (individual, group and team), and Core Needs (individual and group Core Needs Navigator) can all be done virtually!

It you haven’t made the jump to virtual delivery; this is a great time to add capability this to your portfolio.

The special thing is that our methods create such profound experiences (thank you Sydney Rice), that they transcend the medium of delivery. You can create powerful experiences regardless of whether there is one mile or 9,000 between you.

The bottom line is, we do deep self-awareness work virtually and create transformational experiences every time. Who else can say that?

In these economic times, having the flexibility to reach prospective clients distant from you opens the possibilities. And, it solves the problem faced by many organizations: “How can we deliver quality development work remotely?”

People have asked about using a document camera with their computer to show the panels or Results Roadmap as you work. I use the Ipevo brand which I really like ( Their products are super functional and their display software works well with Zoom. Their lowest-end camera works just fine for our purposes. The rush from the pandemic has caused some out-of-stock products, so you may want to check availability.

There are other good brands as well. To learn more about document camera options, see this article from Best Reviews. (link this to

If you want to learn how to deliver remotely, see the ThoughtAction training offerings in the last section of this newsletter.

My summer wish for you is to be successful in virtually every situation! Be well and prosper!