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What Your Clients Are Going Through and How to Help

Your clients need your help more than ever. With the pandemic, the economy, social justice unrest and a crazy political situation, life is topsy-turvy.

This has driven your clients’ Results Systems into overdrive. And, as you know, most of that system is invisible and operative largely on “automatic pilot.” This means your client may be spinning endlessly and not even know why.

Here are five ways to help ground your client during these difficult times:

Refresh Them on the Results System Model

Pull out your laminated Results System graphic (or pull up the PDF version on your screen and share it). Walk your client through it once again as a refresher.

They have likely forgotten to take a system approach to their present circumstances. Is their system going to manage them, or are they going to manage their system?

Focus on their Results vs. Goals

You’ll remember that we ‘start with the result in mind.’ So focus you client on what results they want right now (which may be different than what they wanted a month or six months ago).

Distinguish whether their answer is a goal or a result by asking ‘If you had that result, what would it do for you or give you?” In changing times, clients sometimes focus on goals that are no longer reasonable given the situation. Instead, when they focus on the real result they want, it is easier to be creative and pivot in the moment to something that works better.

Holding onto outmoded goals keeps the client stuck, anxious and unsatisfied.

Pinpoint Their Assumptions and Expectations

Listen carefully to your client for where they are “making applesauce.” That’s our metaphor for assuming two ideas must always go together or can never go today. Is it really true that, “I’ve ‘seen this movie before’ and I know exactly what’s going to happen.” Sounds like a recipe for a closed mind and a lack of options about how to approach a solution. Can they ‘pull it apart’ and find more possibilities.

Expectations are a prediction about the future. What are they expecting (predicting) about themselves, their jobs, their families, and their ability to handle what comes next for them? Might the expectations they hold be keeping them trapped?

Help Them with Their Habits

Habits of thinking and behavior impact the way we identify and view options for taking action. They also shape how we choose what actions to take.

And, as you know, these habits are automatic at times. Slow your client down to look more broadly and openly at their options and choices to keep habits that get in the way of the results they want at bay.

Focus on Their Identity to Get Them Through

Peter Block wrote a great book The Answer to How is Yes. I would suggest maybe the answer to “How” is “Who.” Who you are, that is. Our identity shapes our destiny (thanks David Rock and Jeffrey Schwarz).

That big gear in the background of the Results System model shows how our identity affects everything about how we create results. So focus your client on who they want to be and how they want to show up in dealing with the challenges and crises.

Remind them about their Core Authentic Self as revealed in their Third Person. Invite their Third Person along the journey with them. It’s the best way for your client to be true to themselves.

Help is Built In

The Results System is the Swiss Army knife of coaching tools. Help your client to make it a prominent part of their toolbox in navigating the challenges they are facing right now!