Career Coaching @ Year Up

Let's Get Started!

There are a few things that you will have to think about before your first session with your coach.

  1.  What is your goal for the career coaching? 

  2. Which coach would you like to work with?

  3. Take the Online Intake Survey

  4. Choose your program and preferred coach

  5. Watch for an email from your coach

1. What is your goal for the career coaching?

In your first session, your coach will help you finalize your goal for the coaching. For best use of your time, have a goal in mind when you come your first session.

Choose a single goal for the program work because of the limited time. You can work on a secondary goal if you have time.

To make it easy – think of what question you want to answer by the end of the coaching?

Examples include… 

     - What is my next role?

     - Do I want to stay in this field or function?

     - What do I want to accomplish at Year Up?

     - What skills do I need to build?

     - What do I really want?

If you are not sure where to start, email or talk confidentially with the Coaching Concierge.

2. Which coach would you like to work with?

Your coach is a trained professional. Unlike a mentor, a coach does not have to have experience in your field or career. Since all coaching is via phone or video, location won’t matter. 

  • Coaching is about connection and fit. As you review the bios, trust your instincts and make an appointment. You’ll find out in the first 30 minutes about the fit. If you’d like to be paired with another coach, you can choose another coach to restart the program.

  • You can also choose to book the next available coach. If you’re unsure, email or talk confidentially with the Coaching Concierge.

3. Take the Online Intake Survey

To make the most of your limited coaching time, we have a comprehensive Intake Survey that will take 15 minutes. The survey begins with your Client Agreement. This outlines the expectations between you and your coach. You will be asked to agree to this commitment before proceeding.

You may start and return to the survey. Here is what to prepare: 

  • Your coaching goal(s) (to be refined with your coach later)
  • Assessments you have taken (Predictive Index(PI®), StrengthsFinder™, Core Needs Navigator™, 360, etc.). You can furnish the reports to your coach if you like.
  • Your current understanding of your strengths, areas for development, what excites you, possible next roles, conversations with your manager, etc.
  • Choose your program and preferred coach. Year Up will be billed directly.

4. Watch for an email from your coach

Due to availability it may take up to 2 business days for your coach to contact you via email. You and your coach will set the time of your first coaching session together.

About ThoughtAction

ThoughtAction, a Massachusetts-based executive coaching, leadership development and team coaching firm, uses brain based coaching science to help clients deliver performance, engagement and results. Founded in 2009, the company works with global organizations to build leadership capacity, expand the impact and effectiveness of professionals at all levels and develop high-performance teams.

ThoughtAction’s unique Results System™ approach empowers clients to rapidly get to the root of their challenges and create sustainable change for individuals and the organization. The Results Accelerator™ coaching experience provides transformational insights for executive leaders and high-potential team members. The Results Roadmap™ for Teams creates rapid alignment for teams and resolves the underlying issues that hijack performance.

ThoughtAction’s team of experienced and certified coaches and consultants create solutions for corporate clients and non-profit organizations.