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Resilience – Now More Than Ever

By Jonathan Bates

Your clients may be talking about resilience. Mine certainly are. It seems like the word of the moment.

It makes sense why. The never-ending pandemic, the tottering economy and the political sideshow in the U.S. have stretched us all thin. Clients and their workplaces continue to be disrupted and uncertain. It’s a big drain!

But, how do your clients refill and recharge themselves to maintain their resiliency? The answer: an intentional focus on their Core Needs. And, you have the perfect way to help them.

Remember that our Core Needs are the “fuel” that powers us around. So, when we are “running on empty,” it’s because one or more of our “tanks” is low.

For so many, the rapid changes have meant that your clients’ usual ways to get their Core Needs met aren’t working or available them. Without intentional shifting to find alternatives, your client begin to burn. Many clients are reaching that unsustainable stage of “It’s-been-too-long-and-its-not-getting-better-soon.”

Your clients need you to help them, now!

Core Needs are the Cornerstone of Resilience

Clients must know their Core Needs before they can assess where they need new energy and how to remedy the drain. Coach them…

  1. Use the Top Ten panel and the accompanying Core Needs with every client to ensure they have the foundation for resilience.
  2. Have the client take a “snapshot” of how full each of those Core Needs “tanks” are right now
  3. Help your client design New Activities they can use immediately to “put some fuel back in their tanks”

Remember, too, that Core Needs coaching work is scalable through using the four-hour Core Needs Navigator virtual workshop. You can download the PowerPoint for the program in the Files and Resources section of the Member’s Area.