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Results Accelerator™

Profound self-awareness without the woo woo

The biggest complaint your leaders have about doing self-awareness work is that it seems impractical and a waste of time.

Yet, without taking a good look inside, they cannot build the resilience, authenticity and presence needed to create impact in a complex, uncertain world.

Results Accelerator™ is an intensive deep-dive coaching experience delivered one-on-one or in a group that peels back the layers to create self-understanding in a pragmatic, useful way.

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Results Accelerator™ is an intensive deep-dive coaching experience delivered one-on-one or in a group that peels back the layers to create self-understanding in a pragmatic, useful way.

Results Accelerator™ uses an evidence-based, systems approach called The Results System™ to explore four key areas of self-understanding: Core Values, Core Authentic Self, Core Needs and Core Patterns. By expanding awareness of these hidden attributes, leaders immediately apply them to their current leadership challenges and build new skills and new strategies for leadership presence, impact and success.

Added to your virtual or in-person leadership development or executive coaching programs, the Results Accelerator™ gives self-awareness work for leaders a good name (and powerful outcomes).

Roadmap to Results™

a tangible action plan super-charged with brain science

Any time you want new, better results it means that people need to change – something most people find hard to do.

Whether it’s implementing a culture or mindset change, getting a team aligned to perform, or helping individuals to “get it done”, creating a game plan that keeps the focus on moving forward and overcomes inevitable hurdles makes all the difference.

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What good is a change if you can’t sustain it over time? This is where the brain science comes in. The secret is to engage the desire to change and activate the motivation to stick with it through completion.

Roadmap to Results™ is an interactive virtual or in-person team coaching experience that focuses not just on the tactical aspects of achieving an outcome. It quickly surfaces the hidden stumbling blocks that derail even the best performing individuals and teams and neutralizes them before they can interfere with success. It removes the friction before it can slow you down.

Roadmap to Results™ gets misaligned teams on track and performing. Used in organizational and cultural change, it opens the door to embracing change and shifting mindsets. Roadmap to Results™ is used to help individual professionals to be focused in moving their career forward.

core needs navigator™

The Heart of Motivation, Engagement and Career Fulfillment

You have surveyed your organization about employee engagement and analyzed the data to find out what employees think.

But what do you DO about it? Employee satisfaction actually comes from people meeting their unique set of needs for accomplishment, connection, achievement, purpose and more.

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It comes down to what we call “Core Needs.” How can they get them met if they don’t know what they are?

Don’t want to lose valuable leadership talent? Help them see new options and possibilities from a different perspective so they remain with you into the future. Don’t let them escape to the talent market because they don’t know they can get their own Core Needs met within your organization rather than outside.

How do you respond to the requests of the people in your organization for career development? Start them on their path to a fulfilling career by helping them know and use their Core Needs – their own personal drivers of motivation, satisfaction and fulfillment. With this clarity, they make better decisions about their career paths.

The Core Needs Navigator™ virtual and in-person group coaching experience uncovers each person’s personal Core Needs and helps them explore their own level of engagement, satisfaction and fulfillment. Armed with this information, you empower them to take responsibility for getting their needs met at work and at home. The result: their motivation, commitment, energy and performance goes up.

coaching employees for higher performance™

Empower Your Leaders to Empower Others

When you look at what talent development professionals say about key skills for leaders for the future they resoundingly cheer having leaders focus on developing their teams. This, in their view, is fundamental to performance and retention.

Are your leaders effective in developing and coaching members of their team? Do they understand how to step outside the old “cheerleading” paradigm of coaching to one that motivates and empowers team members to grow, learn, and change?

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The first step in building a coaching culture is helping leaders gain insight on the value and practice of developmental coaching for their teams and build their skills to deliver it.

The Coaching Employees for Higher Performance™ virtual or in-person program gives leaders the skills to have powerful developmental conversations, more effective 1:1 check-ins and truly developmental performance reviews.

In addition, leaders learn how to harness the motivating power of Core Needs to support and encourage development and change for each individual on their team.

Extraordinary Results™ Executive Coaching

Invest in coaching that drives results

You have the greatest impact from coaching when you use it to make your best people better. Rather than focus on “remedial” coaching, turn your attention to coaching that raises the bar on results and impact.

Ordinary executive coaching approaches include some assessments and a lot of talk. A better strategy is to choose coaching that is results-oriented and uses a proven framework combining practical action and neuroscience.

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Built in to every Extraordinary Results™ coaching engagement is the Results System™ coaching approach and coaching experiences including the Results Accelerator™ and Results Roadmap™ that help your leaders gain fast insight and immediately apply their learning.

Combined with best-of-breed assessments like The Leadership Circle® 360 and defined performance indicators, Extraordinary Results™ executive coaching delivers rapid, robust learning and growth for your leaders.